About Us:

Surrey Logistics

founded 20.03.2024

As a burgeoning ETS2 and ATS virtual trucking company, we're determined to leave a mark on the VTC community. Our ethos is simple: inclusivity and openness. We welcome everyone, regardless of background or identity, to join us on our journey. At our VTC, we're fueled by passion for our logistic endeavors, infusing every drive with enthusiasm and enjoyment for the game. We prioritize positive engagement, whether it's during convoys or casual chats in our free time. 

Along with our inclusivity we offer a range of services to our drivers and others, this includes: 

  • Weekly convoys, including or not including the available DLC's.
  • Monthly logistics, each month our drivers receive a report about the progress made across the month, being both personal and company based logistics. this is exclusive to our drivers.
  • Media, in our picture and content channel, we may use your pictures and other content relevant to our game base on our social platforms, obviously giving you credit for the use of the images.