Our VTC's Offer's: 

Surrey Logistic Offers:

Weekly Convoys:

As a VTC we provide weekly convoys to our drivers and partners but we also offer Monthly convoys here and there for all to attend. although we provide convoys we also attend other VTC's open convoy's that suit our calender.

Monthly Statistics:

When stats reset monthly on Truckershub and stats are taken in and used to create statistics, showing various achievements done by our drivers.

Media Exposure:

As a VTC we aim to post pictures of our ventures and others too! Particularly images from our convoys or ones we attend!
with our images we provide graphics and credit to those who took the images as its the fair thing to do.


As a VTC we allow other VTC's to connect with us through a partnership, with this we grow strong connection to others while helping them whether their big or small!